Cloud Migrations & DevOps 

Is Your IT Infrastructure Aging? Look No Further!


Considered moving to the Cloud but don’t know where to start? There are basically four core challenges in moving to the cloud.

Cloud onboarding: What is the criteria for onboarding? How do you ensure readiness, minimum requirements, standardization, code control, etc.?

Cloud Operations: How do you manage your assets, DevOps, orchestration, ticketing, inventory, etc.?

Chargeback: How do you do cost control, optimization, utilization reporting, etc.?

Cloud Security: How do you manage the shared security responsibility model? How do you handle incident respones and forensics? How do you manage the security for elastic environments? How do you manage continuous monitoring? How do you ensure robust identity and access control? How do you prevent data loss? How do you manage keys and encryption? How do you prevent the abuse of cloud services?

We are partners of big cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. We have engineers experienced and certified with Azure and AWS . We can setup the cloud infrastructure so you’ll have a perfect integration with your current IT architecture or a complete handover.