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about xentit

We understand the complexities of our client’s business model and deliver solutions that fit their needs

XentIT is an Information Technology firm specializing in Cybersecurity & Compliance, Secure Cloud and DevSecOps, and Information Technology Resale & Integration Services. We function as a virtual and seamless extension of our client’s service and delivery organization providing high-value, high-performance, and high-quality business information solutions. We understand the complexities of our client’s business model and deliver solutions that fit their needs..


Our Team Members

At XentIT, we are committed to maintaining a work environment where our associates develop their skills thereby providing the expertise to help our clients protect their most valuable assets

Tariq Alvi

Tariq Alvi has 30 years of diverse experience in engineering, information technology and cybersecurity. Tariq’s professional journey began with engineering projects in Mumbai after completing his BS Degree in Civil Engineering from Aligarh Muslim University (AMU)…Read More

Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson is a well-rounded technical executive with experience in all facets of the IT environment. A graduate of business school, he enjoys working with business units to find solutions to problems rather than push the latest technology. Paul focuses on cost…Read More

Deborah Larkins

Deborah Larkins has over 20 years in IT.  She began her IT journey as a Lotus Notes Administrator and Developer.  She is now a dedicated Cybersecurity professional with over 7 years of experience.  Deb is passionate about growing her skills and adding to her collection of certifications…Read More

Grant Jortner

Grant Jortner is laser focused cybersecurity and cloud solutions sales professional with about a decade of technology sales experience. Prior to joining XentIT, Grant was a top sales person for a global cybersecurity company which XentIT is a premier partner of. He is an active…Read more