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Our Cloud Security Stack for Azure is now available.

Cybersecurity & Compliance Advisory

Non compliance and information breach can be the biggest hurdle for enterprise of any scale. Our team of experts help you with the assessment of your security posture, assist in the remediation of vulnerabilities and provide mitigation strategies based on industry standards, applicable regulatory requirements, and clients’ business objectives.

Having Trouble Navigating the Cybersecurity Marketplace?


Whether it is securing endpoints and hybrid data centers; or strategically placing virtual and physical network devices to monitor ports and email boxes for spam, phishing, or malware; to network firewalls and Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDS/IPS); and implementing SIEM for enterprise-wide visibility so that the actionable intelligence is available to analysts and engineers, our extensive experience and product specific expertise ensures that your IT Architecture has the latest Enterprise-Level Cybersecurity.


It is a common misconception, especially in the C level suites, that the corporate or government networks and sensitive data can be protected by simply deploying firewalls and anti-virus solutions. The Anti-virus software, patching program, encryption, and firewalls are indeed part of a powerful intrusion prevention program, but these solutions are static preventative defenses. The cyberattacks are increasingly stealthy, persistent and audacious. In order to protect systems from such cyberattacks a good defense-in-depth strategy need to be employed to reduce risk, ensure compliance, and maximize return on investment. We at XentIT, provide security program review and analysis, and the security program management to ensure that you have the best strategy that employs both reactive and proactive mechanisms for the security of IT environments that are also compliant with FISMA, FedRAMP, HIPAA and PCI-DSS regulations.


Vulnerabilities pose a threat to systems because they can be exploited causing financial and reputational loss. The loss of reputation as it pertains to customers and employees is the ultimate loss for an organization. This loss directly correlates with the profit and loss (P & L). Proactive Security is no longer an “IT problem”. It is a business requirement. The proactive security starts with the understanding and tackling of the vulnerabilities of the systems. The vulnerabilities can be thought of as weaknesses or lapses that expose the systems to the risk of attack. The security assessments identify the weaknesses in the systems that can be used to deploy security measures to improve the security posture of the organization.
Security Assessment is a 4-step process:

  • Scope: Determine the systems to be assessed.
  • Focus: Assign value and importance to the identified assets.
  • Assess: Identify vulnerabilities.
  • Respond: Prioritize and mitigate/eliminate the vulnerabilities.

We at XentIT, may include the following techniques in the technical security assessments: Network Scanning, Vulnerability Scanning, Password Cracking, Log Review, Integrity Checking, Antivirus measures, War Dialing, War Driving, Penetration Testing, and Social Engineering.


The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) is a government-wide program that sets the standards for any federal agency to work with cloud products or services. Are you a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) looking to work with the government to modernize their IT? Then you need a FedRAMP ATO. Our FedRAMP advisory services assist you with the system architecture review and security control implementation documentation. We develop the system security plan (SSP), policies & procedures, Security Assessment Plan (SAP), Security Assessment Report (SAR), and recommendations for authorization.

As part of continuous monitoring (ConMon) which is a requirement to maintain the ATO, we can assist with any monthly, quarterly, or annual monitoring requirements.


Our approach to cloud services is to help our clients achieve maximum performance and reduce costs without losing focus on security and compliance. We manage cloud assets, DevOps, automation, and orchestration thereby providing cost control, optimization, and utilization.

Is Your IT Infrastructure Aging?

  • CLOUD MIGRATION: Considered moving to the Cloud but don’t know where to start? There are basically four core challenges in moving to the cloud.
  • CLOUD ONBOARDING: What is the criteria for onboarding? How do you ensure readiness, minimum requirements, standardization, code control, etc.?
  • CLOUD OPERATIONS: How do you manage your assets, DevOps, orchestration, ticketing, inventory, etc.?
  • CHARGEBACK: How do you do cost control, optimization, utilization reporting, etc.?
  • CLOUD SECURITY: How do you manage the shared security responsibility model? How do you handle incident respones and forensics? How do you manage the security for elastic environments? How do you manage continuous monitoring? How do you ensure robust identity and access control? How do you prevent data loss? How do you manage keys and encryption? How do you prevent the abuse of cloud services?

We are partners of big cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. We have engineers experienced and certified with Microsoft Azure and AWS . We can setup the cloud infrastructure so you’ll have a perfect integration with your current IT architecture or a complete handover.

Managed Infrastructure & Cybersecurity

With approximately 1 million new malware threats being released every day, every entity large or small is a target. If you lack the bandwidth and/or qualified resources for the management of your Security Operations Center (SOC), or need a virtual and seamless extension of your SOC, we are here to help.

Trouble Keeping Up With the Growing Cyber Threats?

Most companies need a 24×7 watch of their data and networks in case breaches happen, or for compliance purposes, but big security events are infrequent and the majority of alerts alerts are minor. Technology solutions aren’t enough. You need cyber threat analysts and engineers for monitoring and analyzing your organization’s security posture on an ongoing basis. If you haven’t already hired a SOC service provider, consider letting us monitor your nework for security incidents. We employ economies of scale along with other companies in your industry and are aware of the latest threats, giving you a better service for affordable prices. We can manage your SOC virtually, on-premises, or a combination of both.

If you already have an established SOC and a team that you trust, but they lack the bandwidth to address the growing size of your organization and the threats your networks are facing, we can become the seamless extension of your SOC to help them better manage the operations. By providing the keys to your security management interface, we can augment your current capibilities, and prove to be the best employee you never hired.

We do not offer generic solutions. We develop a strategy that fits our clients’ alerting, reporting, advisory, and mitigation support requirements. Our personnel carry industry and product certifications, and use the combination of technology solutions, processes, and human element to detect, analyze, respond to, and report cyber incidents.


We are a Value Added Reseller (VAR) of several reputed global companies. Our philosophy is different from a traditional reseller’s approach where the engagement ends at the procurement of the solutions. We also specialize in the deployment and day-to-day management of solutions that we resell to make your information technology initiatives successful.

We Work Closely With Our Partners to Make Sure You Get the Best Value!

XentIT is a trusted VAR of several reputable global Information Technology companies. We will not only sell you the solution, but also help you with design, deployment, integration, migration, upgrades, and support of your new solutions to make your technology initiatives a success. We’ve partnered with some of the leading Cybersecurity Enterprise platforms according to AV-TEST.org and Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. We are also consulting partners with leading cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure® and Amazon Web Services® and have experience integrating solutions with SIEM clients like Splunk® or LogRhythm®.

We are a Gold Level VAR of Trend Micro with extensive experience in both Commercial and Federal Government space. Additionally, we are both an authorized Professional Services Partner (PSP) and Independent Service Organization (ISO) of Trend Micro with 225+ trainings and certifications, as well as Specialization in Hybrid Cloud Security, User Protection, Network Defense, and Small Business Security.

We are a cloud services and a reseller partner of Microsoft specializing in Azure. We have launched a cloud security stack for Azure in partnership with Trend Micro and Qualys.


We are a Gold Level VAR of Bitdefender with extensive experience in their solutions.


We are a managed services and reseller partner of Qualys with implementation experience.


We are an authorized reseller partner of Splunk. We have also helped various clients in the implementation of Splunk and integrating with other solutions.


We are a Silver Level partner of Tenable security, as well as their implementation partner with several of our engineers trained and certified in the deployment of Tenable Security solutions.


We are a Gold Level partner of LogRhythm.

“XentIT has been our primary IT Security vendor and a trusted resource for many years. They have always been quick to respond to any needs we may have with true professionalism and pride. If you are considering doing business with them you will find a professional partner to work with that delivers every time.”


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“I am very pleased with the services of XentIT in the support of our strategic information assurance initiatives. The quality of services provided by XentIT has been excellent. Their knowledge of products and systems is commendable. Their years of business experience combined with these skills are great addition to any agency.”

Director Infrastructure Management and Operations

Government Agency

“The quality of work provided by XentIT has been excellent. Their functional and technical knowledge of enterprise systems and business process engineering is second to none. They provide comprehensive, professional and technical products ontime and on budget. XentIT deserves accolades for the excellent service they provide to our company on various projects.”

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Take-Two Interactive

“XentIT’s quality of work has always been excellent, with the best technical documentation of any company that has done work for us. They have always been available for consultation day or night, and during our physical inventory worked tirelessly providing emergency support throughout the night and following day. My IS staff have greatest respect for them and they have all enjoyed interacting with them on various projects. They have high integrity and always provided us with realistic estimates of work required to complete various projects, big or small.”


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