Information Security and Compliance Consulting

        • Assessment of security posture, assist in remediation of vulnerabilities and provide mitigation strategies based on industry standards, applicable regulatory requirements, and clients’ business objectives.
        • HIPAA, PCI-DSS, SOX, FISMA, FedRAMP readiness assessment and strategic consulting services

Cloud Security

        • Assessment to help ensure security compliance based on NIST framework and clients’ goals and objectives
        • Architect secure cloud environments

Technology Reseller & Integrating Services

        • Endpoint Protection, Network Security
        • Physical, Virtual, Cloud, and Hybrid Data Center Security
        • SIEM
        • Virtualization and Cloud Services

Managed IT Services

  • Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation
        • Log Monitoring: real-time monitoring go logs and alerts from network devices, security devices, servers and other key assets
        • Log Retention: collecting and archiving of raw log files from monitored devices, per client requirements
        • Firewall Management: monitoring of firewall devices, including patch management and upgrades
        • Endpoint Protection Management: monitoring of endpoints using a policy-based approach requiring all endpoints to comply and stay compliant
        • Vulnerability Management: internal and external scanning for vulnerabilities, with classifying, remediating, and mitigating found issues
        • Web Application Security: Filtering of URLs and content, web policy enforcement to protect against inbound and outbound threats
  • Security and Risk Consulting: Our specialists analyze system assets, identify vulnerabilities, and offer mitigation support, with specialized products tailored to the client’s need
  • XentIT’s Managed Security Intelligence Service offers you:
        • Our AWS (Amazon Web Services) based solution
        • Industry leading SIEM
        • Security and Compliance experts
        • Affordable pricing in comparison to an On-Prem SIEM appliance (CAPEX) that requires on staff SIEM experts (OPEX)